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On our way out of Fredericksburg, we decided to get some gifts and treats for the people we love. Each other.

We were ever-so-warmly embraced by the edible smell of jams, things baking, and a whole spread of cheese and jellies to try. About 3 seconds into the tastings, I snatched up a bottle of the mango habanero sauce. The boy targeted the strawberry-peach jam, which we both agreed just barely one-ups the just-peach jam. I also snagged a bottle of all-natural honey. Delicious.

I’d peeked Kimberley in the kitchen, getting ready to replace the “I’M IN THE OVEN” signs on the dessert trays with the real deal. Those signs are crazy cute, as was Kimberley’s greeting.

The distinguished gentleman who also owns the shop came out to see how we were doing. His accent reminded me of dad’s; it was so endearing. We talked about their farm, the impact of the weather on production, and how it was my birthday the next day. He suddenly disappeared.

Moments later, the kind Argentinean (we later learned) returned bearing a gift: homemade peach ice cream, with a fresh blackberry. “Happy birthday!”

You can see why it doesn’t get much better. You can also safely note that you must stop by this little shop. Enough sugar and happiness to bring about world peace.

-Dej M

And another great review!

I stopped there today (Sunday, April 3, 2011) and got their peach cobbler and some home made ice cream (not together — I brought the cobbler home).

Both have less sugar content than standard American fare, so the fruit and taste of the cream stood out.

Hey, I’d serve either the ice cream or cobbler to ANY guest with pride. And, the crust on the cobbler not only looked beautiful, but it was tasty. Really good stuff.

You can bet I’ll be going back. And, the owners are very nice people. Give them a try!

-Dianne F

Scotty sure loves our jams and jellies!

On our way to drop off junior at sumer camp, Mrs U and I stopped at this lovely little roadside cottage right on 290 in the Hill Country. We were greeted cheerfully by the owners, the gentleman a native Argentinian, who tells me he was former proprietor of a restaurant in town. I am not sure whether sir or madam is in charge of creating the blackberry cobbler, but it is TO DIE FOR. Well, hopefully not actually die. Fresh and warm from the oven, so good we took a peach cobbler home with us to try. There is a little table filled with all their home-made jams and jellies, with crackers to sample them ALL.

Friendly folks, a must-see in Fredricksburg. Get your fresh blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, jams and jellies here. (Skip the in-town places.)

-Scotty U

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