Gift Shop

Lavender Products:

Our LAVENDER is grown here in the hill country on a 2 acres lavender farm available in our gift shop:
fresh lavender bouquets
fresh lavender seeds
silk lavender bed pillows
silk lavender eye pillows
hand crafted lavender wand w/ribbon
embroidered draw ribbon bags for you to fill with fresh lavender seeds in different sizes


Goat Milk Products:

We also have GOAT MILK products that come from a goat farm in Boerne, Texas. All natural products with a slight oil fragrance:
Green tea and cucumber
Angel Baby
Pomegranate and Oak
this fragrances come in
cream lotion
milk body butter
suds soap bar

Shampoos and Lotions:

We also offer homemade lotions and shampoos for the body made right here in Fredericksburg by Aunts Bee
All of her products are all natural and safe for children and colored hair
Peach shampoo
Peach hand lotion
Peach bar soap
Peach heart bar
Lavender hand lotion
Lavender creamy bar soap
lavender gleacerin bar soap

Candle Warmers:

Ceramic candle warmers lamps
Ceramic dish warmers
lanterns candle warmer


acid berry
tyropical mango
holliday spice cake
hazelnut cream
also we have 100% SOYBEAN  wax candles made in Fredericksburg, Texas